Product Tips And Insights

Proper validation isn’t about getting positive responses. The 'seek no' approach demands that you ask questions that solicit honest user feedback.

An enterprise will never be great at product without a commitment across the entire company. A product discipline needs to be as important as any other discipline.

The more time we spend creating products and collaborating with others during the development process, we realize to do product well goes against human nature.

How do you address product development challenges, and turn ideas into actions that enable product survival? Start by identifying common product missteps.

Attempting to innovate without being good at product is like planning to fly around the world without knowing how to fly a plane. You have no ability to manifest it.

Even the products with the most promise can fail. How can your business overcome common obstacles to create a product users fall in love with?

Though it’s impossible to eliminate scope change, it is possible to keep changes at a minimum by investing time and effort in the application preparation process.

Although working with startups presents challenges, it's worth it. Creating a product inside the specter of creating a company is an exciting and rewarding process we enjoy.

What’s the ethical obligation of craftsmen? They must work in their client’s best interest and to advise and guide them in a mutually responsible manner.

Just as a web search result page helps someone find what they are interested in, the same is true when someone searches your site and gets a results page.

A promotion and awareness plan for an application is critical to the business success of an application. Without it, you won't gain any visibility in a crowded app store.

When selecting a development firm, it really comes down to each firm’s perspective around key aspects of the project , expertise, and their own business needs.

The majority of software companies don’t know how to recruit new, diverse talent or are unwilling to make the changes necessary to make it happen. 

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