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The ecosystem at AWH rocks! Working at AWH is challenging, but rewarding. We embrace the latest technologies, have the freedom to experiment and fail, and there are endless opportunities to expand and grow your skill set. Team members are regularly encouraged to express opinions about how to improve the process and innovative ideas are welcomed, shared and cultivated for the betterment of everyone. Who could ask for more?
- Senior Developer
AWH provides great challenges and problems to solve and gives me the opportunity to learn new techniques and skills at the same time. Every new client and project are new opportunities for learning.
- Software Developer
Working at AWH provides me with the opportunity to explore topics I love and learn fascinating new technologies. Every day I get to work on challenging, stimulating problems.
- Junior Developer
AWH supports you in reaching your career goals by giving you projects and opportunities that help you to improve your competency with skills that you will need. They are helpful in guiding you along your desired career path.
- Solutions Consultant

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